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beyond the pale

New Community Layout Contest!

There is so much talent presented in the community, our header should reflect that. So I give you a layout contest. Submissions will last for two weeks, after that voting will begin, and then a month from now we will have a winner.

* All entries my feature at minimum a header and an accompanying icon for the community.
* All entries must feature something from Angel Sanctuary, not any of Kaori Yuki's other works.
* All images must be hosted under your own source, where they will not be seen by others.
* Coding is not a requirement. However, if you chose to code your layout, make sure the coding in included with your entry.
* All entries should follow the LiveJournal TOS.

Submissions are to be submitted to this post (comments are screened) by November 6th. Voting will open on November 7th, and will close on Friday, November 13th.

Any questions, please comment to this post, all comments will be screened.

Best of luck to everyone!
Tags: contest, mod
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