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Angel Sanctuary Icons

Angel Sactuary Icons
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Welcome to the community for posting icons for the manga and anime Angel Sanctuary by Kaori Yuki. Please read through the rules before joinging and participating.

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{ All posted icons must be made from anime, manga, or doujinshi of Angel Sanctuary by Kaori Yuki. It is requested that no cosplay aside from your own be used in posted icons. Fanart may be used on the terms that you have permission from the artist and give him/her proper credit.
{ No direct linking of any kind. If you need somewhere to host your images, I suggest you try Photobucket. If you do not know what direct linking is, you can learn about it here.
{ Requests for icons are allowed, but please no more than one a week.
{ Requests for layouts are not allowed. Go try the general Angel sanctuary communitiy, but not here please.
{ When posting more than three (3) icons, please use the Livejournal LJ-Cut feature. If you do not know what this feature is, see the Livejournal FAQ for more infomation.
{ Be respectful of other. Do not flame anyone or any icons posted here or linked here from another journal. Do this, and you will be banned.

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