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Angel Sanctuary Icons [entries|friends|calendar]
Angel Sactuary Icons

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[07 Aug 2012|07:14pm]


10) berserk
13) angel sanctuary
16) air gear
21) one piece
10) misc

here @ 37stitches
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shikishi icon. [05 Jul 2010|04:43pm]


one little icon from me for you guys.

It's made out of a signed shikishi which I'm selling here.

please have a look :D
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o12 Angel Sanctuary Icons [11 May 2010|05:38pm]

001-002 Dragon Ball Icons
003-004 Demon Diary Icons
005-006 Shinshi Doumei Cross Icons
007-018 Angel Sanctuary Icons
019 Charming Junkie Icon
020-022 Skip Beat Icons
023-026 Death Note Icons

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[04 Apr 2010|04:33pm]


Four others @ kirisgraphics 
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[18 Feb 2010|02:32am]

Hey, I'm new to this community but there was something I'm wondering. Is there anyone that has or could make me some non-crazy Rosiel icons? ^^; They're a little hard to find for me.
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Angel Sanctuary OAV Bases [06 Dec 2009|05:46pm]

39 Angel Sanctuary Bases
1 x Adam Kadamon
2 x Arakune
1 x Dragons of Gehenna
2 x Katan
1 x Rosiel x Katan
6 x Kira
2 x Kurai
2 x Rosiel
12 x Sara
5 x Setsuna x Sara
5 x Setsuna

Over here!
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New Community Layout Contest! [23 Oct 2009|10:13am]

There is so much talent presented in the community, our header should reflect that. So I give you a layout contest. Submissions will last for two weeks, after that voting will begin, and then a month from now we will have a winner.

* All entries my feature at minimum a header and an accompanying icon for the community.
* All entries must feature something from Angel Sanctuary, not any of Kaori Yuki's other works.
* All images must be hosted under your own source, where they will not be seen by others.
* Coding is not a requirement. However, if you chose to code your layout, make sure the coding in included with your entry.
* All entries should follow the LiveJournal TOS.

Submissions are to be submitted to this post (comments are screened) by November 6th. Voting will open on November 7th, and will close on Friday, November 13th.

Any questions, please comment to this post, all comments will be screened.

Best of luck to everyone!
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For twenty dollars you can buy yourself one, too [23 Jun 2009|10:35pm]

[ mood | bored ]

27 icons (14 Angel Sanctuary, 1 Fairy Cube, 4 Utena, 3 Sailor Moon, 2 After School Nightmare, 3 Diabolo)


The rest are here!

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[30 May 2009|04:08pm]

67 icons
13 Stock
8 Angel Sanctuary
11 Arina Tanemura (Mistress Fortune, Sakura-hime Kaden & Shinshi Doumei Cross)
10 Howl's Moving Castle
11 Kaichou wa Maid-sama
14 Misc (Goong, Tukiji Nao & Ueda Ryo)


yesterday's a blur that's already gone
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Multiple Icons [16 Apr 2009|02:05am]


Angel Sanctuary 10
Harry Potter 28
Inuyasha 19
Twilight 26


Follow Me
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[29 Mar 2009|10:54pm]

→5 icons {MAGATO}
→1 icon {NILL}

♕Angel Sanctuary
→2 icons {ROCIEL}
→1 icons {ROCIEL & KATAN}
♕Hunchback of Notre Dame
→48 icons {ASSORTED}

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[19 Mar 2009|11:22pm]

angel sanctuary icons
+air gear, amatsuki, Yami no Matsuei/descendants of darkness, juuni kokki/12 kingdoms

quite image-heavy, so be warned.
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[14 Mar 2009|01:37pm]

☆[12] Angel Sanctuary
☆[06] D N Angel
☆[21] Ouran Host Club High School
Total: 39


Here @ MyLJ
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[12 Mar 2009|07:29pm]

Angel Sanctuary → [08]
Junjou Romantica → [14]
Dogs → [05]
Stock → [11]
Quotes → [05]
TOTAL ★ [43]

i'm your captive @ hatsukoi_icons
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[09 Mar 2009|02:11pm]

Hello Everybody~ I'm new in this comm and I'm trying to find someone who can color me four icons of Lucifer. Thank you very much!

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60 multifandom icons ;; 20 Angel Sanctuary [08 Mar 2009|12:53am]

[ mood | sore ]

Angel Sanctuary -- 20

Castlevania/misc. Kojima Ayami -- 16

X/1999 -- 24


( ...i will put the flowers in your grave... )
link leads to my icon community, post will remain public for one week.

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[01 Mar 2009|07:36pm]

[ mood | annoyed ]

[15] Angel Sanctuary Manga icons

Gettin' Lucky in Kentucky!Collapse )

Comments are <3

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[28 Feb 2009|07:07pm]

Angel Sanctuary [8]
→ Astoreth [5]
→ Jibril [3]
Compliation of FFVII [3]
Kingdom Hearts [20]
Sinbad: LotSS [8]
Miscellaneous [2]

Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket

here @ cryptaesthetic
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[22 Jan 2009|10:35pm]

[ T o t a l : 5 8 ]
13 Nine Inch Nails
11 Final Fantasy
     1&2 FFIV DS
     3-8 FFX/X-2
     9-12 FFXII
8 Castlevania
8 Revolutionary Girl Utena
9 Various Animanga
     1-4 Angel Sanctuary
     5-7 Skip Beat
     8&9 Kimi Ni Todoke</b>
9 Miscellanious
     1-3 Angelina Jolie
     4-6 Gackt
     7&8 Utada Hikaru
     9 Tiger Stock

P r e v i e w :

Click this link to get to the post!
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Icons [16 Jan 2009|04:06am]

Kaori Yuki Icons
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